A.K. WATERS, Inc. started business in 1986 for the purpose of representing manufacturing and service companies which are leaders in the engineering, design and manufacture of products, parts and services for the utility industry and other industrial customers in Oklahoma.

A.K. WATERS is involved with major projects in all segments of electrical generating plants in Oklahoma. We are currently representing products and services that are vital to the operation of not only all types of electrical generating plants, but petroleum refining and other large industrial accounts in the state.

Samples of the products and services we represent that are critical to these plants are in the area of large critical pump repairs and redesigns (Hydrotex Dynamics Inc.) and large gear and gearbox repairs (C-B Gear and Machine). We also represent a number of companies involved with valves (Pacific Valves) through out the plant and material handling equipment (Power Techniques Inc., Processbarron) and other specialty companies.

It is our privilege to be associated with the above-mentioned companies for the purpose of serving the utility and industrial customers of Oklahoma. It continues to be the mission of A.K. WATERS to represent our principals and our customers with the highest ethical standards and professional sales efforts.

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